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Machining centers, universal grinder, jet driller, grinding tool, chipper machine, CNC drilling machines, lathes, milling machines, etc..

Important notes

Auction informations

Bidding starts: 11 April, 2017
Auction closes: 16 May, 2017 10:00:00
Buyer's premium: 15%
VAT: 27%


H-5600 Békéscsaba, Szarvasi út 86-88.

12 May 2017 from 10, 11:30, 13 and 14 from the entrance


Payment deadline
17 May, 2017

Payment methods
Bank transfer
Strict adherence to the payment deadline is requested!


Shipping starts
22 May, 2017

Shipping ends
09 June, 2017

The indicated shipping period is only informal. More information coming out soon!
Delivery only pre-arranged time, shipping permit needed.

More info

Faluhelyi Kata
Phone: +36 23 887468

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Auction Policy

Course of Purchasing

Registration as a new firm must be completed at least one (1) workday prior to the closing of the item to be purchased!

Interested parties will be provided with an opportunity to view the assets (at the time specified on the day before the closing of the auction); thus, buyers may not exercise the right of withdrawal.

You should only bid if you are able to adhere to the payment deadline of one (1) day! Prices are all net prices. Additional fees will be applied:
Buyer's premium: 15%
VAT: 27%

One (1) workday reckoned from sending of the accounting slip. The accounting slip may be downloaded in both EUR and HUF (calculated at the middle rate of the National bank of Hungary as of the date of auction) via our web site from the Own Menu or by clicking the link in our e-mail notifying you on the completion of the accounting slip. Payment shall be made to the bank account number of Intergavel Ltd. as specified on the accounting slip, within three (3) workdays reckoned from the crediting of which, Auction Organiser transfer to Seller the credited amount.

Buyers shall receive two (2) final invoices on the amount paid pursuant to the accounting slip: Seller shall issue the invoice on assets, while Intergavel Ltd. shall send an electronic invoice on the auction commission.

After the transfer by Intergavel Ltd. is credited to Seller bank account number, the delivery authorisations will become accessible from the Own Menu, on which buyers will receive an information e-mail. Buyers will be able to pick up the assets at the time and date agreed with the contact person specified in the delivery authorisation. Some sellers subject the releasing of assets to returning the sales contract or an invoice issued by them – this will be indicated in any case. Buyers must adhere to the delivery dates and the delivery deadlines specified by sellers! Sellers may charge warehousing fees for items not removed after the expiry of the delivery deadline.

Sale contract
Buyers shall be sent sales contracts by e-mail in case of total amounts exceeding gross 200,000.00 HUF, which shall be returned to the address of Intergavel Ltd. in three (3) duly signed originals. Some sellers request sales contracts irrespective of the purchase value.